Saturday, March 7, 2009

update on the eyes

Wow, I always forget how long it takes for my eyes to recover from dilating. Whatever it is they do, it takes a lot longer than usual. This time after I got home from the retina specialist, I just gave up and took an all day nap because I couldn't do much of anything.

Anyway, the statement by the retina guy was, "Either it will detach or it won't." So far, so good. And with my eyes, well, at least I know to be really vigilant. And with detaching retinas, usually being proactive is the best way to save one's sight. I'm all for saving my sight. And believe me, with my bizarre eyes, that has been a chore!

So my advice to everyone is, if your eyes start doing weird things, like flashing lights that you still see even with your eyes closed, or strings of spots that look like teeny black beads on a string, but moving around, or if the tops of letters shear off, or straight lines stop being straight-- go check it out! For most of these things, the sooner you act, the more of your sight you can save.

Better yet, have great eyes to begin with.


  1. Good heavens, Delle! You and the eye guy sound so matter of fact about it! I admire your ability to take things in stride AND to be proactive about your eye health. Please do everything you can to increase your chances of a good outcome!

    My only visual problem is that my arms are too short. I need to get better glasses or longer arms as I can now put a cookbook on the kitchen table, walk to the fridge and STILL read the recipe. However, as I get closer it all goes blurry. Reaching 50 is NOT for sissies!

    Keeping prayers and good thoughts going out for you, Delle!

  2. Nah, we know what we're doing, so don't worry. I've had seven eye surgeries, total. Most of them frankly do not hurt, and they are so amazing. I'd show you my bionic eyeball but it would gross you out. The treatment can be extremely annoying and boring, though. Try spending a full month with your head face down 23 hours a day. But you're allowed to use your eyes so you get a lot of writing done-- what else are you going to do? Hooray for laptops!


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