Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In the spirit of Black Friday, the authors listed below agreed to participate by giving YOU, their fans, a great book to read for the Holiday Season. So act fast, this is a ONE DAY EVENT!!! Nov. 26, 2010
(HINT: Three of my four books are already available for 99 cents, and one should be soon. They will be at this price through the weekend, and longer if it looks like a good idea.)

Not all books have direct links to the books. Try the author website or Face Book page.

Participating authors:

Ashlynn Monroe
Blood and Bondage
Dark Miracle
Love Factory
Or visit her website at
Facebook Page

Barbara Ellen Brink
Or visit her Blogspot
Facebook Page!/profile.php?id=1441230489

Delle Jacobs
Fire Dance
His Majesty, the Prince of Toads
Loki's Daughters
The Mudlark
Or visit her website
Facebook Page!/dellejacobs?v=wall

Elizabeth Reyes
Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers)
Or visit her Blogspot
Facebook Page!/profile.php?id=1810909588

Jamie Debree
Or visit her website at or
Face Book Fan Page

Jax Cassidy
Devil's Heart
Or visit her website
Facebook Page!/jaxcassidy

Jenna Anderson
Healing Touch
Facebook Page!/JennaScribbles?v=info

Jodi Langston
Nature of the Beast
Facebook Page!/profile.php?id=100000163137938

Valerie Maarten
Second Chances
The Gift of Joy
Or visit her website
Facebook Page!/profile.php?id=100001589959287

Also available on and (Nook) and

Now let's go fill up that Kindle and other ereaders....HAPPY READING

Monday, November 22, 2010

MOCK COVER MONDAY! : The Wrong Mistress

It's Mock Cover Monday again! This week: The Wrong Mistress.

Our beloved mythical author Alisse Davy has graciously agreed to do a Regency story, thus giving me opportunity to re-make Ruby With Chocolates (I'm still thinking of delicious stories to go with that one.)

Although a Regency heroine would never actually wear her hair down for a formal occasion, I didn't change it. That would involve re-painting her back as well as her hair, and although I could do that, I just didn't want to.

It got me to thinking, what woman would be wearing her hair down while in a formal evening dress, and still have a shawl draped over her shoulders? Perhaps a mistress? Have the pins just been pulled from her hair? There is no setting, so it could be in a house, an inn, even a private room of a ballroom. Perhaps on the terrace. How did she get there? What is going on between her and the unseen man?
I loved the authentic shawl which I stole from an 1815 fashion plate, by the way.
You might not like my title and have a better one you'd use. I see this as a Regency, but maybe you have other ideas. Play off what others have said, or write your own idea from scratch. Just invent a plot idea to go with this cover.

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