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The Romance ReviewLady Wicked nominated for The  Romance Reviews Best Book, Historical Romance, 2011!

4 1/2 Stars!
A two-time Golden Heart finalist, this book
won my third Golden Heart for me, as well as a Royal Ascot and many other awards.
I'm very excited to see it being published.

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Four stars!--RT Reviews

To Lord Reginald Beauhampton, younger son of the Duke of Marmount, the beautiful and courageous Miss Chloe Englefield inspires in him the perfect heroine for his secret novel. In every way, she is the perfect solution to his dilemma. And REggie is Chloe's only hope to save her twin sisters from their abusive guardian, not to mention that he is the most exciting and handsome man she has ever met. But Reggie and Chloe have not counted on Reggie's strange and very powerful father. The Duke of Marmount will stop at nothing to control his son-- and Chloe is in his way.

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Like her mother before her, Leonie of Bosewood carries Faerie blood in her veins, a secret she harbors to protect her own life. For although the people of eleventh-century England believe in magic, their ignorance and fear have made being different a very dangerous prospect. Caught between the human and Faerie worlds, yet belonging in neither, Leonie must guard her heart…no matter how strong the temptations.

As the king’s emissary, Philippe le Peregrine has watched Leonie mature from gangly girl to alluring woman. With each encounter, his attraction grows, but he knows a match between them can never be. For Philippe hides his own secret, one that has condemned him to a life of lonely celibacy for fear of harming the woman he loves. But when powerful forces prompt them to unite against a sorcerer intent on conquering the world, Leonie and Philippe realize that only together are they strong enough to combat the evil threatening to engulf them.

(The previous scene began as a shared dream and escalated into lovemaking before either realized what was happening.Before this, Philippe had just begun to suspect that his nightmares of killing  the woman he loved were invading Leonie's dreams.)

     Lying on his back, Philippe fought away the fog and lethargy that engulfed him. Nearly seven years he had remained celibate, had successfully fought off his most violently hungry urges, at all costs resisting needs to which any normal man would have yielded. What had he done? How had she tricked him? Had she drugged him? He couldn't remember, only that there had been the dream, and his eyes had popped open to find her leaning over him, caressing him intimately, and he was beyond the point of turning back. Had he been awake, he knew he could have resisted. He had withstood so much for so long.
     Forcing strength back into muscles and bones as limp as rags, he moved, and the more he moved, the more he regained his wobbly mind. He sat on the bed for a mere fragment of a moment, then leaped to his feet. Anger forced its way through the lethargy that fogged his brain. Briefly he wondered if he might have dreamed the entire thing. He often had such lurid dreams about her that they seemed real when he awoke. But then he looked down and saw that one limp part of his body sagging like a dead snake, and he knew exactly why.
     How dare she? They'd had an agreement. Rage at the betrayal surged like red heat through him, bringing potency to his limbs.
     "Witch," he ground out like a curse, and he snatched up his tunic to pull over his head and cover himself from her leering stare. From the corner of his eye, he caught her movement and quickly turned his back to her.
     "I am no witch." A tinge of fear lurked in her voice. 
     "Then what are you, to turn me against my vows? You are no loyal wife."
     "I? I only obeyed. I did no more than you asked–nay, commanded, of me."
     "I commanded nothing of you." Not even taking the time to put on his braes and hose, he snagged his sword belt and strapped it about his hips.
     "Are you so sure?" The temptress's voice turned sultry as she padded almost silently across the rammed earth floor and stood behind him. Instantly his nether parts twitched. He froze where he stood.
     Damn her, didn't she realize the damage she had wrought? But then, why would she, since he had never shared his hideous secret with her?
     He couldn't. Never could he tell her. Yet her very life was endangered by what she had done. Only anger could defend him from worsening his mistake. She slid around to face him, her body starkly nude, and in spite of every oath he made to himself, his entire body sprang to life, readying for another go at it. Worse, he relived that exquisite torture in his mind in one wild, instant flash. He was doomed. And she, more so. God and Jesu help them both!
     She raised one finger to his chest and let it fall between the unlaced split in his tunic, right above the breast bone. "Did you dream this night, Peregrine?" she said.
     His breath froze in his lungs. Aye, he had dreamed.
     "So did I," said the voice, twining about him and curling into his ears like a liquid smoke.Now she also knew they shared those lurid dreams. It could not be. Yet it was.
     Her pure green eyes with their sharply haughty gaze ripped through him like a falcon's talons, then softened as if turning to smoke and raked down his chest to that bedamned betraying instrument of his destruction poking upward through his garment. Her lips slowly widened into a smile as lethal as a sword stroke.
     "Go if you wish, Peregrine. Be gone forever if that is your desire. Beat me, strangle me, truss me and burn me at the stake. But never again will you convince me you do not want me."
     He found the fury he desperately sought, swirling in streaks of darkly furious colors around him and girding him like the hard leather of his sword belt. He swung on his cloak to go back out into the night. The cock, the feathered kind, would soon crow. Night might belong to woman, but day belonged to man.

A Montlake Romance 
Now available on Kindle

The Vikings are coming! Not to destroy, but to settle and take wives. Maybe they should have picked a different village because the women they call Loki's Daughters are a Viking's worst nightmare.

Vikings like you've never known them!
"Masterminded! 4 1/2 Stars"- Romantic Times
Golden Heart Finalist

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A Montlake Romance

Now available on Kindle 

Alain de Crency goes to Cumbria to capture a castle and take a bride. He finds instead a magnificent purple cloak, a stronghold full of terrible secrets, and the girl of his dreams, trapped in a living nightmare.
A rare treasure!" -Susan Wiggs, best-selling author
4 Stars -Romantic Times

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Available now from Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


Two ladies,one spyglass. Two naked men dashing into the surf. One of them is the very man Lady Juliette hoped would
never find her.
This Royal Ascot Winner also has numerous great reviews, including 5 stars from Romance Junkies.


Available now from Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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What was meant to be a simple restorative tonic for women turns out to have an entirely different effect on men.
And the bachelors of the Ton are running scared.
The winner of my second Golden Heart and many other awards, this book is a traditional Regency in the Georgette Heyer style. It's meant to be fun, but has its own touch of angst, too.


A #1 Regency Romance on, 
48 days on Amazon's 100 Top Selling Romances List!

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Q: How many kisses does it take to change a toad into a handsome prince?
A: We'll never know. Sophie lost count.

This was my first Golden Heart win, a winner of The Lories and many other contests and it got rave reviews everywhere, including a 4 Star from Romantic Times.

Also available in Illustrated Version:
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Now available on Kindle, Smashwords, 1Romance
EBooks, Apple Book Store, Sony and all places E.

They have nothing in common except their grim determination not to marry each other.

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 A Golden Heart finalist, this Traditional Regency in the Georgette Heyer tradition. Witty, sensual- sex is implicit rather than explicit.

And if you love pictures, try The Mudlark, Illustrated, which is full of illustrations concocted from authentic 19th century engravings and lithographs of fashion plates and English settings, with modern photography, mostly using this wonderful couple as photographed by Yuri Arcurs. 

Expected Release July 28, 2013
by Delle Jacobs and SamMarie Ashe
A contemporary western romantic comedy novella
(Available any day now...)

(Also available in the anthology, CUPID GONE WILD)


Fashionista Alexandria Bergstrom had no idea she even had a father (as opposed to a sperm bank donation) until she inherits a ranch in the Far West. She doesn't even remember  a time when she had actual dirt beneath her feet (as opposed to concrete). She shudders at the thought, but all she has to do is go there, sell the ranch and come back with all the money she needs to open the restaurant of her dreams. Easy. Three weeks max, and she'll be safely back on solid pavement. 

But it turns out her father was onto her anti-ranch ideas even before she was born (he knew her wacky mother), so his will requires her to live there a full year before she can sell out.  And if that isn't enough, the hunk of a ranch hand she hired is her opposite in every possible way.  There's no living with him, but no ranch without him. Is Alexandria strong enough to resist Clint's earthy magnetism for a whole year before she can leave the ugly dirt, rain and beige wallpaper behind?

Samm and I wrote this for the fun of it, and we haven't stopped laughing yet.

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