Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking a Break

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take a break from all major responsibilities for at least another week. We had a wonderful time on the Big Island, but just as we landed in Honolulu I started to get sick. Tuesday is a blur of fever, aches and pains and coughing. Wednesday, the doctor diagnosed Influenza Type A and did further tests for Swine Flu, which he said was all over the Islands. I haven't received the results yet, but the doctor was pretty sure that's what I have. I'm surprised he let me fly home Friday night, with proper precautions.

Today I'm only mildly better than I was last Friday, and the cough has turned to bronchitis. I am under so much medication that my brain is not functioning in any useful intellectual capacity. That means I'm not writing or doing anything except sleeping.

I did get several good research books, though, and did get the chance to go to several places that will be in my SIREN story, even though I only saw them from the car. I think I've got some great photos to show you. And I'll try to get those up next week.

Thanks all of you for hanging in there with me. And I'll be praying that none of you get this nasty little bedfellow.

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