Thursday, March 5, 2009


Marvelous Delilah Marvelle has dropped by today to talk about her sexy heroes. I know, Delilah thinks all heroes are sexy. But I think hers are really, really sexy.


When the beautiful and always charming Delle asked me to blog about sexy heroes, you better believe that I jumped all over the opportunity. After all, if it weren't for the sexy hero, I would be out of job. I would have no story. No motivation. No reason to live whatsoever. Yes, I was born for theater.

So what defines a sexy hero in my eyes? Truth be told, it is like asking me what chocolate I like best. White, dark or milk (although after a chocolate tasting I went to, which Delle was there for as well, there's much, much more than just that...) And heck, I'll be honest, I like it ALLLLL.

The reality is, however, that everyone's definition of a sexy hero is different. What is sexy to one person isn't necessarily to another. Sadly. Which can bring about quite the dilemma when a gal is actually trying to WRITE about the sexy hero. A hero whom everyone has to read and fall in love with. AND find sexy. Sometimes it seems downright impossible to create such a man. I would sooner find him walking down the street. Heh. But I try.

So here is a simplified list I use when creating a sexy hero:

Intelligent. Check.

Bold. Check.

Stupid. UNcheck. (Got you. Didn't I?)

Passionate in his beliefs. Check.

Passionate about the heroine. Double check.

Compassionate. Check. (Without the sobs, that is)

Honest. Check. (Though not too honest lest you never wear that dress)

Strong. Check.

Good looking. Check. (At least in the eyes of the beholder)

Physically fit. Check. (Because when he's fit, he has muscles. Yay!)

Hair that stays on his head and chest but never the back. CHECK!!!!!!

Tall. Yes, please. (Though not TOO tall...)

Well endowed. *TRIPLE* check. (I'm superficial)

Nice, tight rear. Check. (After all, one must complement the front)

Horny and kinky. ( decide whether this is good or bad)

Truth be told, I could go on and on. But in the end, I think that the sexy hero simply cannot be limited in his sexiness. Or something like that...

So. What is your definition of a sexy hero? And remember, it's quite all right to be superficial.


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Delilah. May I suggest you change your contact lenses?

    Wasn't that chocolate wonderful? Delilah and I both ate so much, we were wired all night and ended up with genuine chocolate hangovers, including the headache, the next day.

    I'll agree, too, we look for different things in heroes. Your list is a great one for making a sexy package. It makes me think, though, that's not all there is to it. I think a good question for a future blog will have to be, what is is authors do to make the sparks fly on paper?

    Gives me an idea. More later.

  2. A chocolate tasting? Sounds like my idea of heaven. Of course Delilah's checklist of sexy sounds like my idea of heaven too!

    I'll go for all of the above and raise you -

    Good sense of humor. Snarkier the better.

    Self-assured but doesn't take himself TOO seriously.

    Bedroom eyes.

    Enjoys kissing and every aspect of seduction.

    Brooding, wounded, arrogant, devilish, sets his own rules.

    REALLY into women. Loves everything about them.

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  4. Yeah, Louisa! A hero who can duel with words and keep the heroine on her toes! Love that. And bedroom eyes! I remember a pair of those from my college days that can still melt my knees like fried Jell-o. Coffee brown with long thick lashes a woman would kill for! I've written them over and over and over.

    I like either the wounded arrogant hero who doesn't want anything to do with women OR the good-natured abominable tease who loves everything (and thinks he knows everything) about them.

  5. Whoo-hoo for Delle and Louisa!!! REALLY into women is fabulous. As long as it's one at a time, LOL.

  6. Wow- I like both Delilah and Louisa's qualities! Only thing I might add is faithful.. that sort of goes along with honest and deep sense of integrity! Thanks for sharing. Sure hope Delle's eyes are doing okay!

  7. I'll agree, Martha. The most unheroic of men is the one who can't or won't be faithful.


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