Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News in BRIEF!

So you've noticed I'm not posting much these days. The reasons for my dereliction of duty are below.

(Incidentally, this design for Wisps of Summer is just a mock cover, posted just for fun to show you that I often rebel against deadlines and obligations. And because I thought you might like it. There is no book planned for it, so I guess I might work it up for someone else who likes it.)

I have to get BELOVED STRANGER to an editor by August 14th. It's supposed to be 25,000 words or less. It's 32,000 and I haven'd reached The End.

An editor called, having read LOKI'S DAUGHTERS (which is not for sale as it's doing quite well where it is) and wants to know what else I have. Wow, that always feels good, and I'm very interested in this publisher, whereas traditional publishing is not where I want to go right now. So can I finish FAERIE and get it to her really really soon? No matter that I really had wanted to release it earlier this year, it is just not ready. And the idea of releasing a book before it's ready just appals me. So I'm working hard on that.

I have another project proposal which I can't discuss yet, but it's quite exciting. Right now it's at the "either sit and wait or go do something else" stage. I'd say it's a long shot.

And although  I've completed four consignment book covers, I still have five more due this month. September is full, and I have some scheduled here and there throughout the fall. It's a good thing some people are willing to wait, having books that won't be released until later this year or early next year.

And I didn't mention the new wood flooring going in upstairs to replace our really ancient carpet that is probably a major cause of my constant sinus and runny nose problem. That's where I work. I need a cleaner work environment, so somehow I have to sacrifice my work space plus numerous hours of packing, carrying out, moving and then returning my possessions to their rightful places once the job is done. I've dreamed of this for years. But I sure wish someone else would do it for me!


  1. Delle,

    I absolutely love this title! And the cover! It's probably my very favorite ebook cover of all. It's so charming. Just the sort of illustration that calls to my soul and captures my fancy. I love the flowers and the heroine's dress and the atmosphere of an era long past. I wish I had a story for it....

    So does the title refer to an English wisps of summer? Or an American summer?

  2. Vonnie, I have no idea! This is a perfect illustration of the backwards, twisted way my brain works. Most authors don't start with the cover first. And often I don't have anything more than a glimmer of how the cover will turn out. This one was clearly inspired by the photo of the woman with parasol standing in a late summer field. From there it just sort of put itself together. The title then came to me. Summer is obvious. Wisps? It's airy, wispy, I think.

    I think it would be fun to plot-storm a story to go with it-- AFTER I get past this multiple deadline month. I'd love to see it as a short story or novella. It seems more fitting than a long story. And actually, Vonnie, I think it's more your kind of story than mine. Maybe you should write it!

  3. Delle,

    I was thinking the very same thought. It is more my kind of story. It's such a beautifully strong image that a story is starting to come to my mind. Isn't it interesting how images have the power to influence our creativity! This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Probably because I'm so visually oriented. Maybe that's why I adore art so much. What you created is a painting with an untold story. I would love to tell it.

  4. Wonderful cover, good luck with all your moving, packing, and deadlines.
    The wood flooring will be wonderful for your cleaner writing space. I know my allergies were greatly improved when the carpets were replaced with wood. And... be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all. LOL!

  5. Ah hahahah! Thanks Therese! I do my best never to wish for something I don't really want or need! The real problem is, hoping I don't get it all at the same time!


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