Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, one of those "secret projects" I've been working on has reached fruition. It's a promotion for Lady Wicked with a sharply reduced price.
This won't last long- but I don't know how long. The publisher, The wild Rose Press is evaluating the promotion and if it's successful in generating lots of sales, might continue using these 99 cent promos to help readers discover TWRP books. Some of my favorite authors are on their list, so I'm hoping for great success. For myself, I just want my Lady to find all the readers I feel she needs and deserves.

So to help encourage buyers, and reward the readers who have already bought the book at the much higher list price ($7! They deserve to be rewarded), I want to throw a big contest. The big celebratory gunfire contest type. What shall it be? Give me your best ideas by noon tomorrow (Pacific Daylight Time) and I'll reward the top five with a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate.  This means it HAS to be something I can launch immediately, before the price goes back up.


  1. LADY WICKED is vintage Delle Jacobs at her finest. Grab this book!

    As for contest ideas, why not have something to do with wicked? What about a contest where readers answer the question: What is the most "wicked" book you read besides LADY WICKED? And why? The most wicked answer wins.

  2. I'll add that you could also hold a contest asking readers to tell you what is the most "wicked" character they've read and why. Again, the most wicked answer wins.

    Of course, you'll have to define wicked. Is "wicked" an adjective as in evil and bad? Or is it an adverb with the slang definition of very, really, totally which could be memorable, strikingly good, etc? This could result in a very wicked contest.


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