Monday, June 6, 2011

FAERIE will release July 20! (Updated to September-Sorry!)

Release delayed to September, 2011
for technical reasons

Blogger says it's having upload problems so I'm just dropping by right now to give you some updates. Oh hey, it worked! Never mind.

FAERIE will be releasing July 20. Yes, I know some of you have waited a long time for it, but that's one reason I decided I would bring it out myself. The wait for a regular pub date would be a year or more away. So now it's  going through a professional edit, and the cover is done. And I'm starting the process of finding reviewers and setting up promotions. No one can buy a book if they can't find it! You can  find out more about it in my "Books and WIPs" section.

And don't worry, historical romance lovers, I'm not abandoning my Regency Historicals. I'm finishing up two right now. One, I'll be submitting to a more traditional publisher, but I think I'll bring out the other myself. Why one and not the other? One is an invitation to  submit for a specific subject novella, and I just happened to have it already half written, so why not give it a shot? The other I think will suit my needs more if I produce it myself. I'll probably bring it out in the mid fall. (Another trip to Hawaii intervenes in September.)

So you're asking, is there really some kind of advantage in publishing my stories myself? Isn't that the horrible monster, Vanity Publishing? Well it could be, but you can be sure what I'm doing is a LOT OF HARD WORK, aimed at providing the best stories I can at a price the readers can easily afford, and that I've studied the situation carefully, and have about 18 months' very successful experience in independent publishing. In my traditionally published books you'll find a lot of excellent professional work, by wonderful editors and cover artists, along with technical people who know how to format a published book and have the means to distribute the books. But all that comes at a price, and sometimes readers have a hard time justifying buying a book that costs more than a few bucks.

But the thing is, I know how to do all of that, too. Yes, I do know better than to publish a book that only I have edited. Good grief, if you know me, you know my eyes are horrible anyway, and even the best sighted authors who viciously attack their books word by word will miss things. So yes, all my books will always go through at least one professional editor, not to mention eagle-eyed critique partners. I'll do a final edit on other authors' books, and it will be professional. But not my own. And of course, yes, I do my own covers.

So none of my indie-published books will ever be priced for more than $2.99. Most will be free, or 99 cents. And you get a book you'll love at a price that lets yo go buy another book too. And I, believe it or not, make a bit more money myself because so many more people can afford my books.

Hugs to all. And in the meantime, don't forget SIREN, a brand new story, not a re-tread, is now available. Only 99 cents. If you honestly can't afford it, email me. We'll work something out.


  1. Hi!! I am a new and devoted fan! Congrats on all your downloads. Once you read one of your books its easy to see:)

    Quick question though - the first book I read of yours was Fire Dance. I just got done with Loki's Daughters. But, I can't seem to stop thinking about Cristain (I think I spelled that correctly) from Fire Dance. Please tell me you have given him his own story. Or are going to??!!

  2. Hello Elen! What a nice thing to say! I love it when people love my books, but even more so when they love my heroes. Yes, Chretien must have his own story. But so far he hasn't been ready to tell it to me, nor have I found the right woman for him. It's very curious, because when I set out to write FAERIE, I thought Chretien was the hero. Then Philippe stepped in and said, "Excuse me, but you've got the wrong guy." You'll see some similarities in their back story, but Philippe is clearly different. I do think, though, that Chretien's world will be more paranormal like Philippe's, and he will find an unusually strong woman to love, because his terrible history has forced him to be so over-protective and somehow he must swallow his great fear that a woman might die unprotected by him before he can be free of the burden he carries. Thanks for asking. His time will come.

  3. Yay! Thanks for answering my question. Can't wait till his story is told! But, now I can't wait for FAERIE to come out!! :)

  4. Looking for FAERIE--today is July 26 and I can not find it. Any ideas?
    Thank you

  5. So sorry, Summoore! I'd better change those dates. It's been delayed by technical difficulties. It looks like it will be late August or September now. Would you like a free copy of SIREN to tide you over? If so, email me your contact address and the format you need.

  6. Thanks for your very kind offer--but I have it from Amazon for Kindle ; )
    till August then....


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