Saturday, May 21, 2011


1st, the $25 Amazon gift certificate: Samantha Fury. 
  • Because: she sent that luscious photo of one of my favorite models, making it the most helpful suggestion. At first I thought it was the one I'd already tried unsuccessfully, but this photo is a little different. The one I already had is black & white, which would be hard to color, but also the head positioning in the older one is straight forward, which wouldn't work. But this one is perfect, with his head turned as if he is listening to the Siren's song.
2nd, the $10 Amazon gift certificate: Amber Autry-Munnerlyn.

I will give a $1 Amazon gift certificate OR a coupon for a free download of Siren (99 cent value) to each of the other entrants. But since I don't have email addresses for all of you, I'll be contacting you through Face Book to ask your choice. The Amazon certificate requires an email address, but the Smashwords coupon is something I can simply give to you directly for you to use.

SIREN is now up and available on Smashwords, where the first copy sold within an hour. It's also up on Amazon UK, where at least one copy has sold within minutes. You can see the page for it on Amazon US already but I don't know if it can be bought yet since my bookshelf page says it isn't available yet. All the same, it'll be available sometime this evening, and here's the link:


  1. Thanks Delle, I totally agree. Samantha did a great job finding a great photo and went the extra step by showing an example. Congrats to Samantha and everyone else. If you need it, my email address is,

  2. The new hero is much improved! Sure to sell lots of books. How very nice of Delle to give us all a free download of her book. I can't wait to read "Siren."

  3. Thanks Vonnie. And hey I hear you won my $10 gift certificate from The Book Breeze! Your luck is growing!

  4. Awesome! Great Blog!



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