Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can Blogger Become My Home Web Page?

You're welcome to drop by and watch as I experiment with the new Blogger. My curiosity is about whether I can make it into a useful web page. And whether I should. Very simply put, I like blogging and working with Blogger, but websites are a big baffle for me.

Recently my son set up a modified Word Press blog template as my website so I could make my own changes. I think it was a good idea, but it hasn't been as easy to do as I wanted, and some things just didn't work well for me. I wanted my design, my way, but it's just a bit off. Things won't go where I want them. I can see it is possible, but I'd have to know enough code to take an existing template and modify it, and I don't.

Then when Blogger popped up with this new Template Designer and about 30 new templates, I was right in the middle of putting together a blog site for another author. I had to learn how to work it right then and there.

I can see this is a much simpler system. But can I turn it into a reasonable website that I can operate? That's what my experiment is all about. I'm taking one blog, with one page, and expanding it to maybe ten pages, some of which will actually be secondary blogs. In layers. like a website.

I have lots of questions still.

Should I make my blog my central home? I know people don't do that, but maybe I should. I get a lot more traffic on my blog than I do my website. But that's been my fault because I have been so much better at keeping up the blog.

Maybe I should make my website a static page, like a portal page, and just lead with links to various pages on my blog?

Right now I'm trying to work around the limitation Blogger has of making the "Extra Pages" static. That is, they can't keep a running update like a blog can. Some, I would like that way, so I'm setting them up to link directly to another blog. But it seems a little clumsy. How can I reduce it by one step?

Lots more to come. Check out my tabs at the top of the home page. Lots are "under construction", so I've made notes there on what I plan to do.

Please feel welcome to comment or make suggestions. You probably have to comment on the home page- so far at least. Or if you have questions, ask them. Maybe I've already found the answers.

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