Friday, January 2, 2009

Got 'Em!

Need I say anything? Okay,you twisted my arm. My first Samhain author copies,for APHRODITE'S BREW! And there I am in my sweats, and you even get to see how I look without a spot of makeup. But at least I'm not wearing my dorky computer glasses, and the books outshine me so that's just fine! Already got two promised out, too.



  1. AWESOME, Delle! Congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks, Mary! Sure, they're not the first, yet they are. They always are! There's something about holding your book in your hands in a concrete, feelable form that is the very embodiment of achievement for an author. I will always love ebooks and their easy readability, but print books should never go out of fashion.

  3. There is no finer pleasure outside the bedroom...~teehee~ Congrats, lady!!! :)

  4. Yahoo, Delle! You look gloriously happy in this photo. Who needs makeup with gorgeous skin like yours anyway? I hear you on holding the books in your hands. It's really hard to carry around a laptop and point to your book for people to see. Hmm...I wonder if pointing to a book in an e-reader is any better? Seriously, congratulations!

  5. When something is more fun than sex, ya gotta think...

    we're up in Seattle having Christmas, snd there's still some snow up here. We'll be back after the weekend and back blogging away!

    Please don't hold me responsible for anything I type on this computer.


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