Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting On With the Search

I'm posting Tuesday because tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Not too many people around on that day!

Do you know this guy? Yes, you saw him yesterday, in the original black and white photo. This rendering came about quite by accident, when I was just following whims, trying out new ideas. It's become symbolic to me of Romance Heroes in general, and mine in particular. He has a dramatically unreal quality about him, like a bronze statue, a monument to heroes. I knew his story the minute his image evolved. I haven't written it yet, but it's on my list to do this year.

Now, back to business:

For Starters, I've made a list of topics I'd like to explore. Thisis just a rough list, and some ideas overlap. But overlap can be good, because it means looking at something from a different angle. I have a few guest bloggers lined up, and would like to have a lot more, and I'll be interested in not-yet published authors, readers and other publishing professionals as well as published authors. So if you have an idea or topic and would like to share, let me know. Photos and other visual aids are always welcome.

Are there other topics you'd like to discuss? If so, and you don't want to do a blog yourself, let me know. If there's an angle to heroes, there's certain to be an author who can write about it. And if you have favorite authors who write really great heroes, please suggest them. Lots of authors love to talk about their heroes!

Great Expectations, or, But What About My Marriage?
- Maggie Jamieson, President of Rose City Romance Writers
I Need a Hero
Romance and Real Life
What Romance Heroes Do For Us
Real Life Heroes
Authors on their Favorite Fictional Heroes
Author Slants on Heroes
The Hero's Story
Living the Fantasy
Ancient Heroes
Regency Heroes
Fantasy Heroes
Contemporary Heroes
Writing the Musician Hero
- Genene Valleau, author of Song of My Heart
The Hero-Making Process
Heroic Types
Alpha Males
Beta Males
The Dark Hero
The Wounded Hero
The Wrong Hero
Is There a Market for Nerds?
The Hero Market
What the Reader Wants
Sexy Heroes
Reforming Heroes
Where's the Line Between Alpha and Jerk?
Exotic Heroes
Adolescent to Adult Changes
The Evolving Hero
Hero and the Heroine
Making Sparks Fly


  1. Testing, one two three... Yay, I can post a comment now! Thanks, Delle.

    I love your topics, especially Authors on Their Favorite Fictional Heroes. This one is sure to spark lively discussion. Also The Wrong Hero...? Whatever that means, it sounds interesting. Well, they all do. My fave heroes, I think, are the ones with a great sense of humor.

  2. Oh, thanks, Barb! I forgot that one, and I completely love heroes with a sense of humor. It's also fun to write one because any man who dares to be brave with humor also runs the risk if the almost inevitable mistake.

    I may very well do something with The Wrong Hero on Friday. That's because I've had that happen to me and it can be tragic for the author who has a story going but the hero and story don't match. I know another quite well-known author who had such a mismatch, and maybe she will join us for that discussion. I also have some other meanings to fit the topic, and maybe I will reserve those for myself.

  3. Happy New Year, Delle!

    I love your list and each topic is interesting. However, my two favorites are: Is there a market for nerds? and Where's the line between alpha and jerk?


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