Sunday, February 23, 2014

The marina and Columbus Tavern (closed)
from our room.
Daughter Lori and I loved the hot tub.
Great place for aching feet.
The Columbus Tavern.- a.k.a. The Ghost Bar

Feet up for the Superbowl (actually I got
bored and went off to surf the  net).
The Atlantis Resort from the sea
As close as we could get to the lighthouse

Our last dinner. On the Poop Deck (That's a nautical
term, not a dog walker's one.)
I only had one lobster.
And fried plantain. 

Lori was hungrier. But then she
did all the work.

Alas, back home...You can see where Mama Squirrel
romped along the railing for her daily handout


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