Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Covers! Releases Coming UP!

Don't let the two tabs above for Books and WIPS confuse you! They're temporary only, while I work to combine the two in this odd combo of three blogs in one to make one web page. Today I'll install links back and forth to all of them so you can find everything. Then I'll combine and delete one of the pages.

My book covers for my three Montlake releases have been approved so I can show them to you now. I just got my full covers for two of the books and I'll post those tomorrow.

Coming Oct. 9 on

Coming Sept 11 on
I am so thrilled that Montlake allowed me to design them myself! Edits and everything else is done so they're in production now. I just checked the Amazon site and discovered the price for the print books is only $7.77, unlike the unaffordable $13-15 most publishers have had to charge. I'm attributing that to their ability to directly access CreateSpace, rather than go through an outside printer like most small to medium publishers must do.

Coming Sept. 11 on

FAERIE releases October 9, 2012 and FIRE DANCE and LOKI'S DAUGHTERS both release September 11,2012. Some people wondered if I might be worried about that date. No. It's a time to talk, to explore difficult subjects. And I think those two books, especially LOKI'S DAUGHTERS, speak to the many hard issues that have always set one group of people against another.

I've got lots of fun and amazing stories to tell you from the RWA conference, so as soon as I finish the synopses I promised my editor, I'll share. Lots to say about changes in self-publishing and e-publishing. And the questions so many people asked me: If I love self-publishing so much, why have I chosen to sign with Montlake? And now that I've been working with them through the development and production of three books, what do I think of them? NEXT WEEK! That will be my first topic!

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