Sunday, February 6, 2011


Life is getting exciting! Two releases in one month! A whimsical contemporary Valentines Day novella from the Cupid Gone Wild anthology, THE BOSS WORE RED, co-authored with SamMarie Ashe, and released by eTreasures. Remember when I did that mock cover? Well, it spawned a story, and it's just plain fun!
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AND LADY WICKED, Golden Heart winner and winner of many contests, will be released Feb. 25 from The Wild Rose Press. I have already been told by the Romantic Times reviewer that the review, probably in the April issue, will be the very highest RT can give!

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  1. How exciting for you! Two new releases for your beloved readers to savor. But why is there two covers to THE BOSS WORE RED?

  2. Thanks Vonnie! Well, we would have loved to use our cover design, but the novella is part of an anthology, and the other stories don't have much to do with our subject. In fact all of them are quite different. So the publisher did a separate cover for each of the novellas then a cover for the entire book, all in a unified theme. We're glad to have the sassy red stilettos and the miniature horse, but we wish we could have had our hunky Jimmy Thomas too. But we have several scenes that were directly inspired by our design.


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