Thursday, December 30, 2010


New laptop is here and it's gorgeous! However I am at the "I hate you I hate you" stage. Two hours to find out how to turn on the backlit keyboard- yes the info is there, but it's listed under a different model only, and you have to know that first without being told.

Why the #*!! can't manufacturers write simple, down to nitty gritty manuals anymore? Is it because men don't read manuals and they don't write manuals for women???

Now re-installing software and data. Photoshop is up- the brand new CS5 Extended, and I am salivating, just thinking about it, But must get back to my story which is nearly done. But I have to have the software installed first.


  1. Good luck with the new laptop Delle. I got a new tablet in November but still don't have it fully functional as it came with minimal instructions and I had to find the programs (writing to text, etc) programs I especially wanted. Sigh.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh my. Happy hunting through the help files...
    This is why I got so much praise for my help files and cheat sheets I designed in my tech writing days.

    Yes, women should be the ones to write the directions because even if men don't read them it is common for the woman in the room to flip the pages and find the graphic to point out with - "Here it is honey, you put the drawer together backwards."

  3. Thanks, Martha! I think I've finally passed from "I hate you" to "How cool is this!" Oh man, is this new backlit keyboard nice! Has a perfect touch to it, too. I'm typing so fast I feel like Rocketman.

    You should have seen all we went through to download the new Photoshop and then get it to un-zip and install. I have a receipt for it which says I paid $50 more than I did. Found the WordPerfect disks but Word went into hiding, and I finally realized I had "temporarily" put it in the plastic box with the Windows 7 disk when I outfitted my Baby laptop. And Internet Explorer did everything possible to block Google Chrome, plus force me to use Bing which I hate.

    YES, Terry! We should all get together and write the Un-Geek Speak Handbooks for people who want English words to mean what English words are meant to mean.

  4. Reading your story I'm so HAPPY that my Sony Vaio backlit keyboard turn on automatically (as I touch it) in the dark :) :) :)

  5. Lyuba-chan, I love Sony laptops! I wanted that one so much, but couldn't get the anti-glare (matte) screen which I have to have for my wonky eyes. I think that's the one my brother bought, and I'll be visiting him this month I hope, so I can see it myself.

  6. I am enlightened! I thought that your preferred color is purple, so I'm surprised that you settled for a beautiful red laptop when you could have bought an exquisite purple or violet color which Dell also makes.

    On the other hand, with so much passion oozing from your new machine, I anticipate many steamy stories coming from its depths. I can't wait to read those tantalizingly naughty scenes!

  7. Well, yes and no, Vonnie. I do love strong, dark, dramatic colors. And probably purple most. But this one, which I bought for its combination of features, came in only 3 colors. Silver, bronze and red. I thought about bronze, but not silver at all because it's so generic and I'm tired of gray and black laptops. Right now I'm sitting on my bed, pillows stacked at my back, and typing. And Big Ruby just happens to be a perfect match to my dark red-on-red striped comforter. I didn't expect that, but it's so cool.

  8. Variety is why I like shopping at QVC. They specialize in Dell computers/laptops. QVC has exclusive deals on Dell products only available at QVC. This includes the newest upgrades, advance orders, special promotions, incredible software packages (offering Photoshop)that comes with the computer/laptop, varied and unique colors, and extended customer support. If I decide to invest in a Dell product, it will be via QVC. I drool over their periwinkle blue, violet, and lime colors.

    Something to think about for the future although your Big Rubie sounds gorgeous! How fortuituous that it compliments your decor. It should inspire many evocative scenes.


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