Monday, November 15, 2010

MOCK COVER MONDAY! Ruby With Chocolates

It's Mock Cover Monday! Today's mock cover is Ruby With Chocolates. It's not a real book, just a fairly generic cover design that's sort of suggestive of different directions. How do you think the story ought to go? Is Ruby a person? Is a genuine ruby involved? What's with the chocolate? Okay, so we know what's with chocolate, but how would you make it part of the story?

Or would you re-title it and write a completely different story?

The only other thing for sure is, it's a romance.

Go for it!


  1. I love this idea "Mock Cover Monday". I think Ruby is definitely the heroine. Maybe she owns her own sweet shop, hence the title. I think the hero would be an old flame who comes back into her life now that her life is coming together and throws a wrench into the works.

  2. I, too, applaud your new Monday offering of a "Mock Cover Monday." How fun and innovative! I think the red ruby refers to an actual stone. In gem lore, expensive stones have often been stolen, so it might be fun to have this one taken with the heroine/hero on the hunt to find it. Perhaps it's a historical spy romance. Perhaps, the ruby has been known to have been smuggled via chocolate and so the hero/ine visit chocolatiers and/or buy boxes of chocolates. In the end, after the ruby is located, the hero secretly has the ruby made into a ring and places it in chocolate pudding or something of a chocolate nature for the heroine to find as he proposes to her.

  3. Now, that would be fun too, Vonnie. Could be something like Romancing the Stone, but with a Ruby. Maybe he dips the ring in chocolate and presents it to her.

  4. Or what if the Ruby is a highly prized variety of fruit, like a cherry or strawberry? Her specialty is called Ruby Chocolates because of the chocolate dipped fruit?

  5. What a pretty cover Delle, I love it!

    Hmmm... I see Ruby as a person, contemporary time. She owns high-end chocolate/sweets/pastry shop in a large city downtown - popular place, business is going good, things are booming. She's contracted to provide desserts for a big politician's fund-raising dinner, everything's fine until the man turns up dead the day of the event - in her store. The hero could be the detective on the case, a man who dislikes chocolate initially because of a past relationship and he's convinced she's guilty.

    I'd have to think on it more to flesh that out properly. I love detective whodunnit stories. :)

  6. So we all want Ruby to be the heroine. But I think she has to do a play on her name and wear a lot of red or wear rubies or something.

    Or she (Ruby) discovered the Ruby variety of strawberries and knew instantly they would be the perfect mate with her special blend of dipping chocolate. It's so wildly successful that she is contracted to deliver to all kinds of upscale events, including the congressman's victory party. Only everyone gets sick at the party and the politician suddenly drops dead. The strawberries are blamed, and she's in big trouble because tests are showing the congressman was poisoned but with a different poison than the one someone put in the chocolates, so he dropped dead instead of just getting sick.

    So hero could be a cohort of the congressman, out to prove she's followed her radical politics a little too extremely. And if the congressman had listened to him in the first place he never would have ordered chocolates, especially from an extremist member of the opposition (which she isn't, quite).

  7. That's good Delle!

    Maybe Ruby wears a ruby necklace handed down in her family, lots of small stones in the shape of a strawberry. :)

  8. I once knew a lovable Irish Setter names Ruby, so I pictured her stealing a box of chocolates! LOL
    The cover could be a steamy romance where the chocolates are melted and used in foreplay...Maybe that's how Ruby-the-sweet-shop owner gets the detective over his dislike of chocolates! Or maybe that's how the stolen ruby is discovered!


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