Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What a thrill yesterday to see my book FIRE DANCE at the very top of Amazon Best Selling Romances, and at #6 on All Genres of Amazon Books. THE MUDLARK, with very similar download numbers, was right behind it. Wow, a double!

Then MUDLARK vanished. I could  from my reports that its numbers were still right up there, but where was it? After some digging around, I found it, back on the Free Reads list, except that it wasn't free!!?? And on its book page, it had no ranking numbers. Wah! A Best Seller and it's now not on ANY list? Well, I probably should have called someone right then, but I couldn't figure out who. This morning it was still broken. FD is still at the top, so I quickly printed the page in case I have to prove I'm not delusional or the world's biggest liar. But my poor, not free Mudlark had dropped to #18 on the Free Reads.

So I did a chat with an Amazon fixit-person. He tried but had to refer it to Kindle. No workee there. You have to either have  problem with a Kindle or a problem with an order. There's no category for Lost In Space Best Sellers.

Then up pops an email from Amazon asking if the chat helped. Well, no.... but the guy was really super. So they asked to call me, and in exactly the specified five minutes, I got a call. Explained problem, and he empathized with my feelings of panic and promised to send Kindle folk to my aid right away. Still waiting, but hey, that was only ten minutes ago.

I couldn't resist telling him how authors feel that Amazon Kindle is turning the publishing world upside down. And I have to admit, although I don't like monopolies, I sure do like the way Amazon has handled all my problems. I'l let you now when my lovely Mudlark gets to sing again.


  1. How cool to still be a top seller. And I'd be happy with #18. lol

    I hope Amazon fixes the Lost In Space Best Seller soon.

  2. Being witness to the beginning of Delle's journey, her dedication to her craft (including research in England that I had the luck to go on with Delle and her son); and now at this juncture of Delle's vision being made manifest is, indeed, joyful news.

    Fire Dance is my favorite so far. I think it would make a great movie.



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