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(INTRODUCTION TO BLOG, INCLUDING LINK TO PREVIOUS BLOG) Thank you for my stop on the one year anniversary blog tour!

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While this is not exactly the trip from Hell, it does have some of those characteristics. The Swan is a lovely hotel, but the room is problematic. Little things: We asked for a cot, and after many hours had a rollaway delivered when we were at dinner. But I am not very good as sleeping vertically, so I did request that somebody come back and place the bed parallel to the floor. Other little details along the same vein, yet the place is pleasant and nice at the same time. Naturally a personal family crisis had to hit at the same time and getting back home early doesn't seem to be a workable option.  On the bright side, the scary part of that has passed, and friends are stepping in to help out.

I'm actually writing this Tuesday night, in case I can't Wednesday night. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with about a hundred other authors who write Regency-set romances, with workshops aimed at historical information, improving writing skills, market and sales, and so on. And food. The food is spectacular. Tomorrow night, we'll have a "soiree" with a lot of us coming in Regency costume and performing real English country dances. Regency style gaming.  And food. More great food.

What I'm going to try to do tomorrow is take several photos and then just add them to what I've writter here. rather than try to re-write in the middle of the night when I finally get back to my room. But the very fact that I will be too exhausted to write anything  more should tell you what I great time I'm having!

As a prize I'm giving away 2 things: a copy of  winner's choice of any of my ebooks on 1RE- including the award-winner I'm going to put up after I get back home, HIS MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF TOADS. In addition, there will be a beautiful hand-blown glass  necklace. And maybe, just for a whim, I'll add a little souvenir from Harry Potter-land or Disney World Depending on what I find.

Please leave a comment to enter the drawing to win!  Maybe a question about Disney World or something about writer's conferences or this special interest one which will be the day before the huge Romance Writers of America conference starts. In my spare time. I'll try to answer.

Yah, sure, you say.  Okay, just post your comments, then., and maybe you'll win the Grand Prize, the fabulous Sony Touch EReader. Remember: the more comments you leave on the tour, the better your chances of winning the grand prize.  
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  1. Great post- love the picture of the Swan Hotel- very colorful. My question about your trip to RWA is about your meeting with the other Regency romance authors, was there a specific topic about trends/covers/themes? I just now started getting back into the historical romances and the Regency period seems to be very hot right now. I just love the dialogue in Regency romances- so smart and witty. Thanks for the contest.

    My participant #4394

  2. I hope your trip's gotten better. At least the bad service is in beautiful surroundings. You could have bad service in a Motel 6, instead. :)

    Tour Member #2564

  3. Happy Anniversary. Sorry the hotel is a pain. Sure hope things are getting better. It sure looks nice. I'm #8060.

  4. Hope the family emergency resolves well. Pam 7906

  5. Great post!

    blog participant #2919

  6. Happy anniversary and good morning Delle. Sorry to hear all the troubles with the hotel. I'm not an author and I've never attened the RWA. Is it opened to readers and if so what would a reader expect to find?

    Thanks for the blog and I hope you enjoy your time at the RWA!

    deb ;0)


  7. Thanks for all the well wishes! Yes, things in the hotel seem to be settling down. I guess it's always confusing for staff when about 2,000 women and a few stray men converge on them in one day. Oddly, this rollaway is one of the most comfortable beds I've ever had away from home.

    Maria, I love the Beau Monde conference- it's the place for Regency Romance authors who are all focused on that specific kind of historical. There's a lot of conversation about trends, and we had one workshop that focused on Regencies that don't fit into the mainstream of publishing. You are right, the Regency Historical continues to be the hottest historical, and has a very strong market these days. New York type publishers actively seek them. The focus of the genre seems to be hotter and sexier, with more dukes. In other words, a continuation of what you see today. But the ebook market is a hot topic now, with so many authors choosing it now, and so many more ebooks selling that it's growing into a financially healthy place for authors.

    If you're interested in historical writing but not Regency period, there's another chapter, Hearts Through History, and one for authors who love writing Celtic historicals.

  8. Deb, no, the RWA (Romance Writers of America) is only for professional writers and associate publishing professionals. If you're interested in attending a conference as a reader, though, there is a terrific one for you. Check into Romantic Times conference, put on every year in April by the Romantic Times Magazine

    They have a large attendance of readers, writers, publishers, and cover models like Jimmy Thomas, who I love using on my covers. some really interesting parties, too.

  9. The hotel is gorgeous!

    blog tourist 2267

  10. Great post. Happy Anniversary! My participation # is 8129

  11. Delle, I know about the hotel woes. I'm on a family vacation right now in Florida, and I've just learned to roll with the punches. Enjoy what I can. Hope your conference turns out to be everything you want.


  12. Hope that things have turned around for the better. Meeting all of those different people will at least add to pick up your spirits.

    Blog Tour #2291

  13. What is the most thrilling part of a writer's conference? Which authors have you met and was just thrilled about it?

    Tracey D
    Blog Participant #240

  14. What's your favorite part of going to a conference?



  15. I heard about the big conference everyone is going to, approximately how many writers are there? Do you have a favorite yourself?

    Blog participent #7975

  16. Well, for me, since I've been going to conferences for years, the most fun of all is constantly running into friends and meeting new ones, whether they're best sellers, mid-list authors, or struggling newbies. I've been mentoring the young woman in the photo with me, above, Suzanne Yu Barris, and this is the first time we've actually physically met, so that was wonderful. I do not casually mentor just anybody, and I'm certain you will be hearing her name in the future. Look also for Susanna Fraser, a new author with Carina Press, whose first book excited me in a contest I judged, and is coming out in August, THE SERGEANT'S LADY. Regency authors Janet Mullany, Diane Gaston, Sally MacKenzie, Sabrina Jeffries, Gaelen Foley, Ann Lethbridge, Miranda Neville, Linora Rose Birkland, Sharon Latham, Amanda McCabe were among those I saw yesterday. And I ran into Colleen Gleason whose Regency Vampire books totally thrilled me (and I don't love vampires).
    Also look for my good friend Lorelle Marinello whose book SALTING ROSES will come out this fall. That was just yesterday and this morning. I'll see a hundred more before I leave. There's a camaraderie among romance writers that simply is not equaled anywhere else in the publishing industry.

  17. Angel, there are about 2,000 attendees at the conference, which means it's full. That's surprising in a way because the conference had to be moved at the last minute from Nashville Opryland because of the devastating flood in the spring. It's absolutely amazing that they were able to arrange for the Disney World location and adjust all the plans for such a big conference in such a short time. And so amazing that most people were able to readjust their plans and schedules to still come. Credit has to be given to both hotels and for most (but not all) airlines for letting people re-book without gouging fees. We're so glad it wasn't canceled, and we're expecting to deal with minor little problems. How else could it be, considering everything?

  18. Our last vacation to Disney World has given me so many wonderful memory days. Have a wonderful time. I can only imagine that being around so many great authors could really kick start your muse. Do you find that that is the case for you?


  19. I hope things get better soon. How can they not? RWA and Disney - I am so jealous. Anyone you hope to meet that you haven't bumped into already?

  20. Hope everything's okay now! The hotel does look beautiful. Sounds like a lot of fun. Blog participation # is 8038.

  21. Enjoy the conference. I wish I was able to go this year, but it didn't work out. My daughter is presenting on Saturday and this is her first National experience. Last night she was a bit overwhelmed and I laughed, remembering what it was like my first time - massive chaos.

    Happy Anniversary 1RE

  22. Hi Delle,
    Well at least The Swan hotel looked beautiful. How fun to be able to dress up for the writer workshop. I have been planning to participate in one of the conventions that are for authors and readers because I always hear about how everyone has such a great time. Well I hope you enjoy your time at the conference.

    Blog Tour Participant #: 8153

  23. Ooh, a regency writer’s conference sounds great! I am all for sleeping vertically as well, tho. I am a big fan of regency era novels, and I always wondered how authors got the details correct, and that sounds like a wonderful and fun way to find information, rather than just searching the web or the library. :D I might go as a reader just to learn the dances!

  24. Your site is gorgeous and an excellent representation of genre. I am uber jealous of your trip to the conference. If you see Ann Charles there, tell her hi for me!

  25. Hallöchen Delle,

    haven't yet read any of your work although reading historical romance novels is actually how I practiced my English first time I went to the US. Judith McNaught and Christina Dodd were my favorites for a long time, but I haven't read anything from or about Judith for quite some time (you know if she is still around?). Since then I've discovered many more genres of romance I like, from contemporary and suspence to paranormal, erotica and even m/m. I do like to "fall back" from time to time and pick up a historical, so I'm gonna check out your books and see if anything grips me.

    I hope everything is fine at home and you have a wonderful time at the convention, barring any more inconveniences! I didn't really get this though, is the Beau Monde conference part of the RWA 2010 or are those different events you attend?

    All the best,

  26. Hope you have a great time at RWA.

    participant #8001

  27. Back online at last! The front desk offered to "walk me through" getting a connection. I offered to "walk them through" the repair of the broken connection... But my blanket finally arrived so I won't freeze tonight. Housekeeping people are so nice!

    Kathrin, what a wonderful way to learn a foreign language! Judith McNaught is still writing. Here is a link for her- I think it's a fan site, not her official site:

    I will probably see Christina- If I do I'll tell her about her fan.

  28. Hi, Delle!

    It sure sounds like you're having quite an adventure! I wish I was there...NOT. (just kidding!) I think it would be awesome to be able to go on a writer's conference like that).

    By the way, my "Blog Tour Participant" number is: 8032.

    Thanks for adding to the fun of this "Blog Tour" by having your own contest with prizes. That's so great of you to do that. I'd love to win one of your ebooks, especially "HIS MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF TOADS" because it sounds so intriguing to me. And I wish you had posted a picture of the hand-blown glass necklace...but that's OK. I'll just wait until "I WIN THE CONTEST" to see it. (hehehehe!) I can dream, can't I? :o)

    Well, it's been nice "meeting" you.

    Have a safe trip home!

    ~Cynde (Cynde's Got The Write Stuff)

  29. This is without question the worst wi fi connection I've ever had at a hotel. I've lost seven posts so far when connection drops. Hotel says it must be my fault. Sure, she says, smiling back, showing teeth.

    I'll try to catch up again tonight. Must go out now, I am at a conference, after all!

  30. I live (and write) way out in the boondocks. Working from home (with my fiance) is fabulous but sometimes I miss other human (female) companionship- A writer's conference sounds like a great way to share and receive "juice" from other writers. I'll have to look into attending next year. Would you say that the RWA one is the "must-do" for the year?

  31. Did you meet Mickey and his friends? That is always a fun thing for me especially since my siblings and I have a bet on who meets the most. I can not wait to read another of your books.
    tour member #6649

  32. they say Disney is the happiest place on Earth. Soak up lots of inspiration and have a safe trip home.


  33. Hi. I love the banner at the top of the site... okay, phew had to get that said, lol

    Other than the bed it sounds like you are having fun. The costumes and dancing sounds awesome. i have never been to Disney World but would love to see Harry Potter and was told to check out Haunted Mansion and take lots of money. Have fun while you are there...

    My # is 6997

  34. Love the photo of the hotel-- what an interesting looking place!
    I'm #8331

  35. the conference sounds amazing and like a lot of fun. I hope your hotel gets better. It's always a guess with a hotel you've never been to before if it'll be nicer or not. You have very nice covers on the left side. have fun!


  36. Hello Delle. First I want to wish 1RE a happy anniversary and then thank you for taking part with the tour. I always think that authors are very generous when they take the time to put together something like this. I have a question about the conferences; are they just for writers or can readers/could-be-writers attend?

    Participant #695

  37. I'm glad your personal problem has gotten better, that's a terrible thing to hang over you while you're trying to enjoy/network the convention.

    That's a gorgeous photo of your hotel. We stayed at the All-Stars ones when we were there since they're very affordable and had a great experience. While spending time with other authors, are there any you're particularly excited about meeting?

    Tour participant #228

  38. The hotel looks beautiful, and I sorry that the service is not too grand. What are you looking forward to the most at the conference? Any fun plans outside the hotel?

    Blog Participant #2197

  39. Thanks for participating in our Blog Tour! Have a safe and wonderful time at the convention!

  40. The hotel look beautiful. Have fun.

    my number #8294


  41. I'm sorry you had so many problems with the Hotel. I hope the writing workshop itself is amazing and everything you hoped it would be!

    Tour Member (Participant Number) #5002

  42. I really hope things improve for you. I have to say I have never been to Disney World though I have been to Disneyland. :-)

    Larena #294

  43. Thats some trip your on.I love traving but have not been eny where in a log time miss it.Hope your trip gets better I know that trips can be a lot of work you may need a trip to get over the first one.
    Stacey 8156

  44. I hope things get better for you on your trip. My last experience at Disney World was fantastic. I have dietary restrictions and they accomodated them without any problems. Such a great change from the usual careful perusal of the menu and discussion with the chef or just plain bringing my own food.


  45. Hi Delle,

    I'm so glad that things are improving. I've been worried about you. By the way, I posted a comment to our RCRW loop and I've also sent you a personal email so you have lots to read. Hope you get to go to the Tiffany Glass Museum. It's a must see excursion!

    The Swan Hotel sounds delightful. I can't wait to hear more about the Beau Monde Conference and your trip to see Harry Potter at Disney World. Wish I could be there with you!

    Enjoy the time you have left. Take the best of care. See you when you return.

    Blog Tourist #8432

  46. Wishing you better luck on your trip! My question on Disney...what's the newest ride at Disney World?

    Have a sunny summer everyone!

    My number is 7936.

  47. I definitely have to participate next year.If you see Harry Potter's ride or exhibit can you let me know if it's great :)
    Thanks and have a blast. :)
    Carol L.
    # is

  48. Sorry your trip was terrible. Been there, done that. lol
    I love Disney and all things Disney but have only been to Disney Park once, 1998, so I hope to go back before I am in wheelchair and have to be pushed. lol


    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  49. Well you have has some problems but at least the food is good.


  50. Beautiful Site, I was just stopping by to support my fellow Tour stops

    Dominique Stop 6 :)

  51. Hi Delle!

    I'm Uncle Moose and my # is 7991

    I hope your trip is getting better. It's so disappointing to have to put up with lousy things when you have looked forward to something for so long.

    The glass blown neckless sounds intriguing! I'd love unusual trinkets like that. What a brilliant idea for a give away.

    As an author of Regency Romance -- what is it exactly that appeals to you?

    My favorite time period to read and write is the Edwardian era. I think it's because I fell in love with Sherlock Holmes while in grade school.

    I read an occasional Regency romance M/F, but my imagination is captured by M/M regency.

    Ava March writes some terrific M/M regency romance. I think she may be the only one who does.

    Other M/M historical romance authors I read tend to stick it around the late 1700 - 1900s. There are also some who do M/M in medieval time and even a few during the Greek era.

    Anyway, like I said, I hope things are going better. And you can always do what I do with bad experiences. Take notes and someday, they will be put to good use in a story down the road!

    Much success with your future endeavors and thank you for participating in this fun contest.

  52. Delle, my daughter asked me to ask you if you had been to the Harry Potter experience at Universal yet, and was it fun?


    Mary M.


  53. Great post hope your trip got better
    Tanya #4335

  54. I'm now in a lovely condo with family and off to see Disney World. Tonight I'll catch up with all your questions!

  55. The hotel looks lovely, but am jealous you get to see the Harry potter area. I can't wait to go next year. Take lots of pics, and hope your experience with the hotel gets better.



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