Monday, August 10, 2009

MORE CAPTCHAS (In case you were bored)

Just in case you didn't have anything else to read, here are a few more definitions from my Captcha Dictionary, using actual words found in Blogger's Captchas:

Pripl: n. A purple pupil's principle. alt., A pupil's principle private portion of property, usually also purple.

Psonol: adj. Text-speak for personal, most often used in mumbling tones by teenage boys not wanting to explain why their girlfriends are no longer speaking to them, or why their mothers grounded them just before the big kegger. Also used to avoid explaining humiliating medical diagnoses such as hemorrhoids. (If you still don't get it, refer to Zits for improved understanding of the teenage mind.)

Demozo: n. Isn't he on NCIS?

Wistang: n. What you get when you try to cross a mustang with a tornado: the fastest animal known to nature.

House: n. A cave with windows.

Deromp: v. To un-wind after strenuous exertion. To relax after reading an overwhelmingly exciting traditional Regency. Developed in the early 1990's to express the feeling of deflation upon reaching "The End" of a Regency romance. The term was later determined to be unnecessary, after extensive studies discovered such de-escalation did not occur.

Ireple: adj. Unrecoverable and un-compensatable loss of letters from the middle of a word. Occurs most often when thumbs are applied to cell phones, or any event which involves the collision between teenagers and spelling. Refer back to Zits.)

Driblest: adj. The superlative of drib. As in, drib, dribbler, driblest. The smallest of dribs, which are smaller than dribbles.

Roluet: n. uRssian roulette with the chambers full.

Inneox: n. Better than an outeox, but in the case of oxen, not a good choice either way.

Chronso: n. Meaning unknown.

Achorons: n. The opposite of chronso.

Godcha: n. (1) a near miss, as in, ‟close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades". (2) v. a Captcha that godcha funny-bone.

Squargi: n. An unsuccessful Saturday morning cartoon starring Squeegee Bill Square Pants.

Exonite: n. A petroleum product mined in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and in San Francisco Bay. Used for waterproofing wildfowl and beaches.

Ovelva: I don't know, but it sounds either biological or pornographic. Either that, or my mind is.

Temest: n. Like tempest in a teapot but without the p, and therefore less volatile. As in, temest in a teaot.

Redamist: n. A proponent of repetitive cuss words.

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