Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My friend the marvelous Delilah Marvelle dishes on her very delicious hero from LORD OF PLEASURE which is released today! This is just the kind of hero I love!


What makes the hero of my book, LORD OF PLEASURE -- Alexander Baxendale, the Earl of Hawksford -- so delicious and divine? Aside from the fact that I based him off of David Beckham?

Well...what I love most about Alexander Baxendale is his incredible zest toward life. There isn't a thing he won't do in the name of adventure and bliss. That is, until that zest for adventure and bliss is completely snatched away from him by the death of his father. Alexander finds himself inheriting not only the estate but his five overzealous sisters and a not so proper mother. And none of them think he should be in charge.

I absolutely love the idea of taking a man who knows no boundaries and then telling him he can't step outside of his box. It's so incredibly sexy to see the real man beneath the rakish facade step forth to reveal who he really is -- a romantic through and through. I have to say, I loved watching him go from rake to prude while inwardly struggling to become who he really is. And above all, he is not intimidated by the idea of learning what it is he needs to know about pleasuring the woman he loves. Even if it means enrolling himself in a school that will educate him on the matter. Because his woman means that much to him.

I have to say, any man who is willing to re-educate himself on the topic of love and seduction (quite literally...) in order to please his woman is what I call insanely divine and sexy. And of course, if he also happens to look like David Beckham...I'd say he's absolutely PERFECT. Of course, the trouble is....big sigh...he only exists in the pages of LORD OF PLEASURE.

When I finally finished this book, I couldn't help but tell my husband, "Sadly, I am madly in love with a man who doesn't exist." Needless to say, my husband has been trying to outdo Alexander ever since....


  1. I'm picking up my copy today and can hardly wait to begin reading it! How lovely to have this image to think about while reading about Alexander. A

    *sigh* I suspect I'm not going to be getting much sleep tonight.

    Laurel Newberry

  2. Believe me, falling asleep will not be on your mind.

  3. Hi Laurel!!!
    Thank you for not only posting but wanting to take Alexander home with you, LOL. I hear Lord of Pleasure is popping up in certain places, but he won't officially be out until August 4th. I'd love to know if you find him earlier, though. Grin.

    You naughty woman you. LOL. Thank you for hosting me today, by the by!!

    Hi Natalie!
    Thank you!!! Do let me know if you find him and what you think of him once you take him home. Wink.

  4. Oh love the cover. Yes, imagine a man seaking to forfill our desires. Hum do they truely exist? I keep looking at the cover and I must say it dawned on me what I could think to add. A satisfied woman in the bed, in her all togethers, with the sheet just covering her hum tasty morsels.. now that I have my vision.. I'm waiting for the 4th of August... yum.

  5. My dearest Obe,
    You should work for the art department. Seriously. I'd sell more books, LOL. Thank you for posting and for your support!!

  6. Keeps the old hubby on his toes! ~LOL~ I like the woman in naughty bits idea... But honestly, I don't think I'd even give her a glance ~hubba-hubba, baby!~ I'll see you at your book signing at Jan's, D - Can't wait! M:o)

  7. My dearest Minnette,
    Yay! So glad to hear you'll be coming to the booksigning! Of course, hopefully I'll see you before then at the chapter meeting, which is a day before the signing :D


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