Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I loved all the wonderful responses I got. Some have sent photos and others commented. managed to find some photos to go with a lot of the comments.

"The most beautiful place on earth is my birthplace and home, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. God's Country, as I call it. The valley and mountains are my inspiration. Shenandoah is an Indian name and means 'Daughter of the Stars.' Photograph by my mother, Pat Churchman." ~~Beth Trissel

Truly wonderful, Beth! I visited there when I was 9 years old on a trip with my aunt and uncle, and it led me to write my first poem/song.

For you beach lovers and lovers of beaches, I'll repeat this romantic shot of a beach on North Kaua'i:

"My most beautiful place is any beach with my husband. I would love to go to Hawaii, but have not so far." ~~Rhonda

"The beach at Anna Maria Island on a sunny early June day; umbrella, book, wine, the lulling rhythm of the waves, the bath-warm water. Sand so white it seems like snow. No phone calls, no 'to do' list. School is out for teachers, too!" ~~Kathryn

"I have a thing for beaches, too." ~~Donna

For Rhonda, Kathryn and Donna, here's Anna Maria Island off the East Coast of Florida. Truly beautiful white sand with magnificent blue sky and ultramarine ocean!

"One--the reef my husband and I snorkeled in when we visited St. Lucia..." ~~ Eliza

This reef photo was taken off St. Lucia. I see why you love it so much, Eliza.

"Two--the top of Brandon Mountain in Ireland. It is really more like a tall hill. It sits on the Dingle Peninsula, and is just the most gorgeous view of the lands. ~~Eliza

And I found this one of Brandon Mountain that looks just like your description.

"For me, nothing can top London!! As much as I loved the beaches in Mexico and Majorca, etc...the heat and sand override the beauty for me. But London...from the architecture to the breathtaking gardens...I just can't ever get enough!" ~~Jerrica

I have lots of great photos of London, Jerrica, but this one is "tops"- taken from the top of the London Eye, looking down on Parliament.

Danielle says: "My favorite place in the whole world is Yellowstone National Park--there is a variety of beauty there like no other place--as if the Earth in that area is alive and breathing all around you. I once had the opportunity to go snowmobiling in the Park before it became overcrowded and they had to make some restrictions. White snowfall billowing over those sea blue geysers. The buffalo milling around with frozen Santa beards--I'll never forget that as long as I live. What a great contest. I'll have to post a photo later in the month."

We'll wait eagerly for your photos, Danielle. I saw Yellowstone only once, but it is unforgettable

Martha says: "It is hard to pick just one beautiful spot! I have some photos of Madiera Spain, and some from my River Rhine cruise, plus San Cabos Lucas. "

Madiera, The Rhine, Cabo! Three places I've never been and would love to see.. I can't wait for your photos, Martha.

Send more, everyone!

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  1. I dearly love the Photo of Red Budds a blooming. As a Third Generation Okie - this really makes me feel something Deep ! Emil


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