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Look who is visiting us today! Tammie King from Night Owl Romance has stopped by to give us her thoughts on heroes from a reviewer's perspective. Join us in a discussion about heroes and how they influence your choices in what you read. And don't forget to go to Night Owl to find loads more stuff- reviews, contests, everything about romance!


Hi Delle and readers :o) - Waving,

You have a wonderful place and a very interesting blog theme.

Thanks for inviting me here to discuss heroes from a reviewer’s perspective.

To be able to do that please join me as I discuss how I became a reviewer and what being a reviewer means.

I’m Tammie King, owner of Night Owl Romance and a romance reader since the 9th grade. Now that I’m in my thirties I can say I’ve read quite a few romances and in probably almost every genre. I’ve also read books as both a reader and a reviewer. I would say for my first 10 to 12 or so years I was a voracious reader. I could read a book so quick and be onto another…back when time just seemed to be for the taking. Now that I’m running a review site, volunteering as a webmistress for my local RWA, working as a web designer plus taking care of a hubby. My reading time has diminished. :o) – So, from me to you – Treasure every book and every moment you have to read. Times changes and before you know it your time just becomes small chunks.

Around 5 years ago I started Night Owl Romance from my house. It’s still stationed in my house, but now we have expanded to having well over 30 reviewers. So, for me becoming a reviewer was just part of expanding my site. At first the site was just my way of telling other readers about my love of books and what were my overall favs. So, you can say I’m a self-made reviewer.

Every reviewer’s perspectives are different and it’s my belief that every reviewer is just a reader who wants to spread the word about books. Most of us just have a passion for books. Some reviewers specialize just in one genre or sub-genre and others who will read what’s put in front of them. In my case I would say I’m pretty specialized. I love romance, but normally go through genre cycles. I’ll read lots of historicals then be onto paranormals and then onto fantasies. The system is always revolving. So, I often will buy a book to read at a later point.

I like my heroes to be strong…don’t put a wimpy one in front of me. So, when I read as a reviewer my view on heroes will show up in my work. If it’s a wimpy hero you will probably hear about it…and not in a positive way. On another note the hero needs to also have respect and be helpful. If I read about a hero who doesn’t listen to the heroine that can be annoying and I’ll have no respect for him unless the author is using this as a trait to redeem him. Most readers want to have a hero who respects the heroine and takes the time to spend with her. One of my favorite heroes is Alec from Julie Garwood’s The Bride. He is a very strong highland laird, but he does care about his wife even though they are married in an arranged marriage. Julie Garwood also brings humor into her characters and that makes them very human. I think a hero should be strong, but know how to smile and laugh during the right points. Those are qualities I find make me like a hero.

A review is just a person’s thoughts on a book. With over 35 reviewers at Night Owl Romance it’s quite common to find one reviewer who just loved a book and another who did not. Luckily there are enough books and authors out there for each reader and reviewer to find out what she is really into and what style she likes. Some readers like their heroes to be all flowery, I do not. When reading reviews it’s a good idea to get to know what books a reviewer likes and doesn’t like. It’s quite possible to find a reviewer you don’t agree with at all. Finding a reviewer or reviewers to follow is just like creating any relationship in life. You have to find the right match. If you do that you will get the right recommendations for what you like. Your heroes will be the types that you are looking for and you will feel each dollar you spend was worth the time.

My first romance novel was Gypsy King by Kat Martin. It’s been so long since I read that book that I can’t remember the hero, heroine or the plot. I can tell you with that one book I became addicted to the romance novel. The ladies at my local bookshop became my friends. They recommended books to me and I started pre-ordering books. I wasn’t shy about reading them out in the public. I read them in every class at my local high school. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I would say I’m my shy of doing that now that I was then. I was truly addicted and didn’t care who knew. I had found something to love and from there I even became a romance reader recruiter. Soon I had my best friend reading. May she be smiling down on us all from heaven (sad and wistful smile). Then I converted my sister…she might have been a bit young but she too became a voracious reader and to this day we exchange books and author information. If you attend the Rose City Romance Writers Readers Luncheon you probably know her as the girl who goes home with many baskets. Sounds a bit like an Indian name LOL.

Overall there’re thousands of heroes out there. You have to find the right ones for you. What do you like in a man? What turns you off? These two questions will determine if you love or loathe a hero. Finding your perfect hero is like joining the quest to find the perfect husband. You are lucky if you find him.

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  1. Thanks, Tammie, that's some great information!

    Laura Kinsale created some of the most unforgettable heroes for me. Often they were very deeply flawed- JERKS, in the beginning. But usually they were driven by something, usually a force that contradicted the heroine, to whom they were attracted at the same time. I think it was their battle toward- or fleeing from- some better inner man that made them so memorable. Seize the Fire especially affected me that way. And Flowers from the Storm.

  2. Thanks for a great post, Tammie,

    First, I wanted to express my sympathy on the loss of your best friend.

    Your post was of special interest to me because I have been thinking to do a few reviews. Nothing fancy. Just a little something. Because you're right about treasuring the time you have to read. Kids and all, you know, just get in the way of reading sometimes :-)

    I really like your belief that eviewers just want to spread the word, as well as your thoughts on choosing a book/hero you would like to read and review.

    Thanks Delle for having Tammie. It really was some great information.

    Tammie, I'll have to go check out Night Owl Romance now :-)

  3. Hi tammie- thanks for a very interesting blog. And sorry too on the lose of your friend. I agree about each reader having a different perspective. I got my 21 year old daughter reading now but she likes different things than me. I read about 2-3 books a week and listen to another 2 on MP3 and CDs in the car! I have started writing reviews for myself and to share with some of my online friends. It is time consuming but I like to share a good read!!! I'll check out Night Owl!


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